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Massachusetts Chapter of the NACPM


We’re excited to announce the formation of a brand new State Chapter of the 

National Association of Certified Professional Midwives! 

Massachusetts CPMs now have the opportunity to join the NACPM with all the benefits of our very own State Chapter! We have long appreciated the efforts of the National NACPM, representing and supporting CPMs everywhere, directing its influence toward improving outcomes for childbearing people and their infants, and providing CPMs invaluable access to webinars designed to specifically support the educational needs of CPMs. Now we can expand that foundation of support to provide Massachusetts CPMs the opportunity to connect, communicate, network, and grow on a local level.

Membership Benefits:

*A Listing in the CPM Directory                             *Continuing Education Opportunities

*Midwifery Matters Subscription                         *Access to Professional Liability Insurance

*Opportunities to Support Massachusetts CPMs’ Efforts to License Midwives

Massachusetts CPMs in Action


Supporting Excellence and Innovation                           Safeguarding the Right To Normal Birth

Influencing State and National Policy                       Engaging CPMs as a Force For Change

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Massachusetts Chapter of the National Association of Certified Professional Midwives: Statement of Purpose


To build a more cohesive, influential, diverse and effective CPM workforce.

To Empower, connect, and support CPMs.

To influence state and national public policy about the value inherent in CPM care.

To share success stories, best practices, resources and learnings.

To provide educational opportunities for midwives and advocates.

CPMs in Massachusetts: Listing for Families


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Massachusetts Midwives: Lighthouses for Humanity

We thought the image of a lighthouse was particularly fitting for our new organization, since it is such an iconic image of Massachusetts, but also is a perfect metaphor for midwives, and CPMs in particular. An ancient idea, whose sole purpose is to shine its light brightly and guide people to the safety of its shores, that is still a necessity even in these days of ultra-modern technology. Like midwives, lighthouses don’t discriminate. They give of themselves freely to all who seek their guidance, standing tall and strong amidst the forces of nature, but staying grounded and in harmony with the world that surrounds it. 

Our vision for the new Mass Chapter of the NACPM is to create an organization that will bring CPMs together, where we can celebrate our diversity and share our gifts, and lift each other up to keep our lights burning brightly. Collectively, we can create a brilliant beacon, steering Massachusetts toward better birth outcomes, and more satisfying birthing experiences for all of its citizens.  

-Ann Kilroy Whitman, CPM, Mass Chapter of the NACPM


Massachusetts Chapter of the NACPM

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For information about joining the Massachusetts Chapter of NACPM, or for a list of member CPMs, send us an email!

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